Handcrafted Clutches and Bags

Strolling through the town of Grandview Heights during its Annual Grandview Hop and ran across Melissa and her sweet homemade clutches and bags. Continue reading Handcrafted Clutches and Bags


Alternating Power – Nikola Tesla

Had a treat last weekend on some well deserved downtime with my spouse when he DVR’d “Telsa Master of Lighting”.

I have to say it was a wonderful documentary on the life and man behind one of many great inventions I so appreciate today in life.  “Electricity”.

Interestingly, I ran across the power lines above my head during one of my walks around town, .  The horizon and skies were a sight of beauty.  I guess I was placed at the right time with my camera to grab this shot of a Telsa creation.

Guess it was sending me a signal 🙂

Alternating Power - Nikola Tesla


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Photoshoot Time – Bosswood Band

It’s always a pleasure to get a call to come backstage and see the work of artists during band rehearsals especially right before a performance.  Jason B, James and Jason R of Bosswood Band made this photo shoot exciting and fun.  Check out the pics and also their band page for upcoming events in town.

Here are a few pics from Continue reading Photoshoot Time – Bosswood Band