Fall season seems to be coming to a quick end as the skies are more grey and the chill factor seems to get lower and lower.  So its just one of those days that browsing through my catalog of photos I took several weeks ago were in order to post.  🙂

Hoping everyone had a very wonderful holiday this past Thanksgiving with their families!.




We Got The Boat & It Was Delicious

What an amazing evening this was.  Got to see Krenelka Trio and One Eye Theory play today.

Afterwards, a few of us strolled down Grandview Heights and came across Shoku Restaurant and decided to treat ourselves to some delicious sushi.

Whats better than having dinner with some awesome people.  I’ll tell you!  Having this sweet young lady who graciously took our order then appease us to sing a song upon our request.  At first we didn’t believe it that she could hold a note, but to our surprise she rocked out a tune!.   Now thats serious entertainment!.

Thanks you “A” for the great time!

Banging the gong was 2nd best to your service!