Oh My Goodness! Thats all I could say when we travelled to the Grand Canyon in 2015.

This was my first time there and I was actually in awe of the amazing views.  It’ve seen caves, caverns, even measured the craters of every pothole I drove into, but the Grand Canyon took the cake.

Every lookout point had bars across the edge to keep folks from falling in but it took some convincing to get that close.  I eventually did it and WOW!.


I eventually conquered my fear getting closer to the edge when we walked the path further away from the tourist spots and if you notice there aren’t any bars on the canyon edges so its really not for the faint of heart.  Mama would be proud of me to conquer my fear of falling.  🙂

Grand Canyon National Park to dedicate the Trail of Time

The Trail of Time are medallions that measure the age of the rocks which are embedded on the path to the snack bar, which by the way was apart of my mission before leaving the canyon.  Why you ask? Well there were 2 delicious ice cream cones with our names on it that awaited our long overdue arrival.   Just for the record, the weather felt like 200 degrees so shade became my best friend.


Every turn we took were just spectacular views after another.  All I can say is that I can now scratch off one of my items on the bucket list and suggest it highly for anyone who hasn’t yet visited to make it a point to add it to your list too.  


Sharing the joys of my life’s journey one shutter click at a time, Enjoy! 🙂


Who better to be my travel partner than the one that puts a smile on my face “everyday”  🙂                            I couldn’t ask for a better life!

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