2016 has definitely started off on a great foot as we escaped the January snow, winter blues and leaving behind snow mans and winter gear in exchange for some shorts and flip-flops.

Destination… Maui, Hawaii. 🙂

This was my very first trip heading as far West as I can go.  So happy my friend “dramamine” helped put me to sleep as we safely traveled across the United States on this 13+ hour journey.


The sights as we flew over the states were amazing.  From snow, to more snow, then dessert and bang! The Pacific Ocean.  It put a smile on my face to see the mountains of Maui greet us as we touched down!.  Its official we were here!

The photographs we took of the island were beyond beautiful that words cannot express the views we were blessed to see.  Here are a few photos to make your mouth water in delight.  A must add to the bucket list for those whom have yet to visit.

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“The photo-shoot was a success!”

It was an honor to receive the call from the family requesting my services months prior the the event to photograph this special moment of their eldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  2016-01-30_Michael_Parnes_Batzmifah0643-2A beautiful celebration it was. (Photo credit: @Jason Robers)

Before the ceremony, the family invited us to tour the island with them and climb 10,000+ feet above sea level to the top of Haleakala’ National Park Summit.  Simply heaven!.  Views that lasted miles upon miles of beautiful skies.

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We stayed a few extra days after the photo-shoot to explore the goodies the island had to offer.  So many I’ll have to share on another post.  But to keep you from suspense here are a few shots of the ocean views, man made crafts and of course a luau.

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Maui, We Love You 😉

Pacific Sunset
Pacific Sunset

Hope you enjoyed the photographs from our journey!


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